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Magic Meal is a stackable microwave cookware that is perfect for steam cooking. With this Magic Meal review, one can zap up a pasta dinner, rice meal, and more in just a few minutes. Discover in this review the multi-functional […]

Make awesome mini pies with My Lil’ Pie Maker. With this My Lil’ Pie Maker review, any home kitchen can come out with mini pies and other baked goodies that look like they were made in a professionally bakery. My […]

The Perfect Tortilla forms flat tortillas and pizza dough into an awesome food basket. Diner-style presentation is at your command with this Perfect Tortilla review. Edible Food Baskets Many dishes are presented to us with deep friend noodle baskets or […]

Everyone loves good food, but not everyone knows how to make good food. Chances are, you have probably tasted a heavenly dish at one point in your life and simply acknowledged the “fact” that you would never  be able to […]

This My Lil’ Pie Maker review presents you with the ideal baking set suitable for making mini pies and more. The My Lil’ Pie Maker AsSeenOnTV baking set may be used by Grandma and even by kids – everybody who […]

Bag it better with the Better Bagger, the unique bag holder that can hold open a bag and keep it stable as you fill it. Plus, discover with this Better Bagger review another innovation which are the Better Spouts. These […]

The new food storage solution, the Better Sealer, is far better than zip-locking. Sealing bags is made easy, fast, and more efficient with this eco-friendly Better Sealer review’s handy kitchen tool that requires no electricity. Better Sealer – Click, Snap, […]

Looking for better containers that can seal in the goodness of freshness and crispness for a longer time than your current containers so you can continue to enjoy food in their original containers? With Better Sealer, forget about buying those […]

Want pans with coating that do not peel off with age and use? Teflon coatings do that but with regular use, the surface can get scratched or peel off. When they do, the pan becomes useless because the chemical coating […]

Fond of pasta dishes? You know how that goes. You cook the noodles in one pot, transfer it to a sieve to drain water from the cooked noodles, then once again transfer the noodles to a serving dish. All those […]

Why serve up the usual fare of party food at your next kiddie party? Surprise your children and their friends by doing something different. Give them a different kind of cookie that is sure to produce wide eyes and open […]

This Minden Anytime Grill review is the key to healthier, less messy, and nearly smokeless indoor grilling. Want pizza in 6 minutes, perfect grill marks on steaks plus ensuring reduced fat intake? With the unique features of another innovative AsSeenOnTV […]