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Placing on skin products has never been easier or nicer than using Roll A Lotion. It is a long-handled applicator for lotions, gels, oils, body scrubs or liquid soap that allows you to apply the stuff even on your back. […]

Is it possible that the Finishing Touch Lumina is the perfect hair removal system for you? Millions of women all over the world have unwanted facial hair, starting from some mild fuzz, to a light moustache, to side burns. You […]

Women all over the world are always in search of the best solution to removing facial blemishes or imperfections through expensive surgery or injections to look beautiful and younger than their age, but don’t you want a better and safer […]

Do you suffer from cracked skin in the heel areas? The weather, excessive walking or one’s natural skin type could cause the dry, cracked look of our heels.  It can be embarrassing to step out in open-heeled shoes, wedges or […]

No one wants to age fast. However, with the deteriorating ozone layer and the pollutants in the atmosphere today, it is possible that your skin can look and feel older than you really are. These are the reasons why there […]

For more than one hundred and fifty years Bigelow Chemists has been offering loyal customers a wide array of unique and effective healthy, beauty and personal care items. The Bigelow Chemists store front in New York has now opened its […]

If you want to try unique and innovative bath and skin care products that are completely animal friendly and hand crafted on site by a small and detail oriented staff, is the place for you. From extra large Bath […]

Living alone has plenty of privileges, but the older you get the more dangerous it can be. Many seniors are prone to slips and falls that can result in serious injury if they don’t get the help that they need […]

Smelling good is an absolute necessity for evenings out, special occasions, romantic dates and even for meetings at the office, but visiting the cosmetics counter at the local department store can be a real nightmare. The local stores never have […]

To have beautiful, clear skin is not only the desire of women; men also want the best for their skin. Men have never before been as health-conscious of their face and body skin as they are now because the environment […]

Electromagnetic field (EMF) is ever present in your home appliances, office and school equipment which affects the natural energy level in your body. Too much exposure to EMF causes you to get sick which, in turn, decreases your ability to […]

Do you have ugly, discolored and embarrassing toe nails that you are afraid for anyone to see? Would you love to walk around during the warmer months in sandals or open toed shoes, but the nail fungus that makes your […]