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Children’s Gifts and Toys

GIANTmicrobes are characters that you should catch while you can. From plush to vinyl toys, to shirts and cups, these GIANTmicrobes are the cutest things that introduces a child to the micro-world around us. Adorable, funny, and highly entertaining, GIANTmicrobes […]

It is almost certain that at one point in your life, particularly during your childhood, you had at least one favourite stuffed toy. It could have been a classic brown teddy bear, a rainbow colored pony, or even an old […]

Give an unusual baby gift when you send your friends one from Baby Bunch. People normally give baby clothes, right? Well you can too, but it will look very different and unique. At first glance, it looks like a beautiful […]

Department stores, generally speaking, are probably the most convenient place to shop. For one, you need not go from one shop to another to find what you need. All items, from clothes to kitchenware, are arranged by type and by […]

Want the kids to have three times the fun of one toy? Give them PuzzUPS, three toys in one. It’s a puzzle, a 3D sculpture, and an outlet for your kids to unleash their creativity and make their very own […]

Surprise your children and their friends with their very own homegrown terrariums filled with Strange and Unusual Plants. See their eyes grow big as they watch plants that they have never encountered before grow right before their very eyes in […]

Kids Fit Club Shaun T is an awesome way to exercise! Created by Shaun T, a fitness expert, the Kids Fit Club Shaun T encourages children to workout with cool dance routines. More than just a play activity, when a […]

Be a Rocketeer! Rocket Balloons – Up, Up, there they go go! They fly up up in the sky high! Launch Rocket Balloons! Great fun to play with. Find out more about these toys by reading the Rocket Balloons review. […]

Air Hogs remote control helicopter are the best RC helicopter for their value. Air Hogs are both outdoor and indoor RC helicopters, just be careful not to bang them up or knock anything over while playing with them inside. Explore […]

Since when have monsters been cute? Sure, the movie Monsters Inc. made monsters less scary and more cute but how about giving  your kids free rein to make their own cute, adorable, fuzzy monsters? Challenge their imagination and creativy by […]

A child’s education can be upgraded fast as you will discover in this Brainetics review. Brainetics is the math and memory education tool that will help anyone become a math whiz and retain data in their minds. Created by Mike […]

Bath time is always a fun time for children especially in the bath tub because they love to splash the soapy water around to create bubbles and water ripples. But too much splashing around can also wet you and the […]