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Children’s Gifts and Toys

Have your kids mentioned to you over and over again how they’ve run out of creative ideas to work on? Looking for another means by which your kids can release their creative side without damaging your important things at home? […]

Looking for a toy that can surprise your kids by giving them more fun than what they expected? Then surprise them with the HoverCopter. This amazing toy has cool LED lights that change color and light up as it flies […]

Want your kids to fall in love with music but don’t know how to get them to practice without letting them lose interest in it mid-way? The answer is simple. Just find a common ground between your child’s interests and […]

Why go for the conventional and the classic when you can go for the unique and interesting? Want to be that someone different who has something that no one else has? Want to own something that other people didn’t know […]

Ever breathe down your kids’ neck because they always take up the little space on the floor to play with their cars and toys? Ever have your children complain to you that they cannot utilize their cars potential to the […]

Have you discovered the amazing new toy that transforms as you throw it around? Come and discover the Phlat Ball, a unique toy that transforms from a flying disk into a ball as you throw it. With its amazing time-delay […]

Tired of the usual somewhat-boring seen-it-all-before but not really challenging classic puzzles? Want to try a new kind of puzzle that’s sure to keep you, your friends, and your family hooked on for days? Then try out the new Pyramid […]

Kids nowadays are just too hooked on their video games to pay attention to their art or music lessons. It’s harder to release their artistic abilities when all they do all day is sit in front of the television and […]

Do you have problems getting your kids to bed or down for a nap, would they rather stay up and play or watch TV because bedtime is no fun? Make bed or nap time more exciting for your kids with […]

It may be the biggest understatement in the world when people say, “being a parent changes you”. Once your children enter your life nothing is ever the same again. Your kids are the most wonderful gifts in the world and […]

Some occasions require special attention – high school graduations, sweet sixteen birthday parties and bridal showers are once in a lifetime events that should be celebrated in the most perfect manor possible. This means that you need the right guests, […]

From the simple puzzles to complex projects for children and babies alike. Kazoo Toys has a selection of thousands of tools for your boy or girl. Everything from classic board games to the latest version of Monopoly. There are toys […]