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Children’s Gifts and Toys

Do you want your child to learn how to speak and read at an early age? If you do, here is a wonderful, easy learning system you and your child will enjoy. Your Baby Can Read is a special reading […]

Parties for kids are always great fun, and can be a hassle for parents as well. There are just so many things to have to attend to — from the birthday theme, to the invitations, to the food, to the […]

There are strollers of all types, sizes and brands. Sometimes choosing one for your little one or selecting a gift for a friend’s child can be very confusing because there are so many features out there with different prices. Before […]

If you want to become an RC aircraft pilot, but you aren’t satisfied with the RC aircrafts that you’ve toyed around with, then the RC Helicopter Apache is the right aircraft for you. It’s fun, lightweight and is ready for […]

If you have a child who loves fishing but struggles with a regular rod, then that can be quite a problem. Although some children can cope with the difficulties of using a regular rod, some would prefer not to fish […]

Do you want your children to develop their hidden talents and creativity? Here is a wonderful art kit called Foamstruction Foam Struction which can bring out the artist in your children or further enhance their artistic skills. Foamstruction Foam Struction […]

Are you looking for a safe and non-toxic substance for your children to play with? Introduce to your children, Floam, a specially-formulated solution made up of microbeads mixed with foam. Floam can be shaped into any form and it stays […]

Have you ever purchased a remote-controlled helicopter before? Were you satisfied with the features it provided? Here is a better upgrade of RC helicopters, called the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter, created by Air Hogs Spinmaster. The Havoc Heli RC Helicopter […]

If you have children or friends with children who love drawing and painting, or if they simply love to make art for fun, then here is one amazing art kit they will surely love. Although this is mainly for kids, […]

Looking for an amazing new toy that’ll get your son to show you off as the most amazing parent that ever existed? Looking for a gift for your child, your RC vehicle enthusiast husband, friend, or even you? Interested in […]

Have you ever seen a toy that you can throw around, roll around, bounce off of things, and only play with once you inflate it? If you haven’t, then meet the HoverDisc, an inflatable toy that comes in various designs […]

Love bringing your kids to the beach but can’t find the time to do so recently? Do you always seem to be busy with work, with not enough time to spend doing what your kids want? Want to feel like […]