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Children’s Gifts and Toys

Kids nowadays are so easily fed up with normal games and would much rather stay in front of a computer or a television than go out to play with their friends. It becomes increasingly difficult to find games that are […]

Are you an expectant mother, have a new baby or a toddler? You should check out Playpens.com for the perfect playpen for your child. With an extensive inventory of brands like Chico, Graco and more, you can be assured of […]

A house can easily become messy with small kids around. Their fingers are tiny and at that awkward phase, they spill food very often, on tables, floors and just about anywhere. Older kids love to run around and chase each […]

If you are a musician and you travel a lot, or if you are musically inclined, then take a good look at this. The Roll Up Piano is not just an ordinary piano. The name of the piano itself already […]

What is oodles of fun and comes in a gigantic box, is something that people won’t tire of easily, bendable, flexible, switchable, and made especially for kids? Why, it’s Fuzzoodles The Big Box! For kids who love the movie Monsters […]

Are you a hobbyist who loves to fly remote-controlled planes and helicopters? Or if you have never done so, have you nurtured a deep longing to be able to fly one skillfully, like you would with a real chopper? You […]

How would you like to transform your plain clothes, bags, purses, etc. into beautiful and fashionable items? The Spotz Clip Onz Keychains are the latest fashionable keychain accessories that come in a variety of colors and sizes you can choose […]

Children love to imitate adults. If you are frequently around toddlers or if you have friends with young kids, you may notice that whenever an adult is on a laptop, the little one also wants to come near, curious about […]

Have you found crayon stains on your school, home, or office furniture? Do you want to show children how they can enjoy drawing and coloring their artworks without getting their hands & your tables dirty with crayons or colored pens? […]

Do you have children who are artistically inclined or friends with children who love to draw and create artwork? Let them make the most beautiful designs with Sprayza. Sprayza is a toy kit which has a special airbrush tool and […]

Do you want your children to further enhance their creative skills? Do you want a fun and interactive toy for them? Introducing Spotz, a fun and exciting, interactive toy which can bring out the artistic side of your children. Spotz […]

Are your young children allowed to play with battery-operated toys? Here’s some good news. Introducing the Super Cycling Sarah and Sam RC toy which will amuse your young children and keep them busy and quiet. Your young children will find […]