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Wonder Laces stay tied! Footwear has been reinvented with these new laces. Knots that get retained and has special allowance for foot expansion. To tie your laces just once when you place on the footwear – it has gotta be […]

Are you tired of sleeping on uncomfortable chairs or seats when sleep catches you on a train, plane, or any vehicle? Now, you won’t have trouble sleeping in any of those because with the Slumber Mitt, you can always get […]

The Perfect Sandwich Container is the sandwich keeper that keeps it fresh! It’s the green way to prevent soggy sandwiches. If you pack your lunch or have the kids bring along a snack, you might be interested in reading this […]

A No Entry Latch Guard can prevent thieves from breaking into your home. Do you have enough security? How secure is your garage door and other doors that close with a latch? Many are not aware that the garage door […]

Self-feeding made easy with the innovative design of My Spoon and My Bowl. The challenge of scooping out the food and bring the spoon to the mouth is lessened. A little tot can get to eat on their own with […]

Want a bonnet that doesn’t mess up your hairdo? A Fit to Flick Hat is the perfect solution. There is a slit at the back. This opening is where a pony tail goes through. Wearing this hat prevents you having hat […]

The series, the online game, and now – the 3D Redaki Trading Cards. Awesome game play for boys! Trading cards that are made of plastic, so durable, that hours of play can be done! Ready for the newest way to […]

The Fat Magnet degreases food. The fat is removed in one easy move. Just place it on top of the food item, and the grease will stick to the it. The Fat Magnet is good – for your better health, […]

InstaHang is the innovative tool that makes hang up items on a wall easy. It automatically reload pegs. If you are going to place up a gallery of paintings or one wall clock, the newest decorating necessity that will help […]

This Water Clock an eco-friendly clock that doesn’t need to be wound up, batteries, or electricity. Just add water to this digital wonder that has an alarm function, too. If you want a nice clock that has a new design, you […]

Here’s the list of the awesome AsSeenOnTV products on SALE that were featured on the TV show, The View, a talk show that has Whopie Goldberg as one of the hosts. These items are the choice of this popular TV […]

The Amish Heater is a dynamic infrared heater that will help you save over 50% off your power bill. There is a SALE going on right now that will slash off a hundred dollars or more! These Amish Heaters look […]