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Fire Gone is a handy fire extinguisher that’s ideal for vehicle and home use. A fire starts small – a lit match may start bush fires that will rage on for days. If one has a fire extinguisher, the capacity [...]

My Dream Table is a portable table that can be adjusted to 6 different heights. I ordered one and when it got delivered to my home, my husband said, “What’s this thing that you bought again?” I tried to tell [...]

Cozy slippers are great for winter, but heated cozy slippers are better – read this Hot Booties Review! Hot Booties are slippers that you can microwave for 60 seconds and have heated comfort for hours. Hot Booties are much more [...]

If the only way you could have perfect looking nails is to frequent the nail salon, then you must be spending a small fortune on salon costs a year! Save on money and still have your nails looking as though [...]

INSTA SLIM: Skinny or Scam? And only for men? Really? I was in an accident a year ago that prevented me from exercising the way I was accustomed to, so naturally I packed on the pounds. I refused to buy [...]

PERFECT FIT BUTTON: perfect idea, perfect invention, perfect pants! I am one of those people whose weight goes up and down, or more accurately my waist goes in and out, just like the seasons. But let’s face it, in this [...]

Provide the nutritional advantage. Homemade baby food for babies, the elderly, and dieting. Healthy baby food recipes to whiz up. Free blender for all shoppers. A complete food processing system, make baby food in seconds that is ready to serve. [...]

How to prevent vehicle upholstery from getting dirty? Use a blanket-like protector made from waterproof material. Pet hair, urine, claw marks, and the unavoidable pet smell will ruin the upholstery and the vehicle carpet flooring. Drape over the backseat, strap [...]

Who doesn’t love a laid back get-together every now and then? Fun company, relaxed ambience, great food… Now, if only there was just a way for you to enjoy all that instead of juggling your meal and drink—and without worrying [...]

Cleaning up spills can sometimes be frustrating especially if the towel you’re using is not doing the job right, and you end up spending more time and effort cleaning up. Check out this EZ Towel Review. EZ Towel is the [...]

If you drive frequently, you need Heel Dock to protect your shoes. You always take great care to protect your shoes from grime and scuffing by placing them in shoe boxes or in shoe closets. But what protects your shoes [...]

How to get rid of insects without squashing them? Catch insects with a suction tube. The Bug Buster is a chemical free option. It prevents the ugly and smelly mess that has to be cleaned up after a pest is [...]