Retail shopping experience has never seen the likes of this. Now, retailers have a cohesive, one-stop, multi-channel platform that allows your products to be part of a wide range of shopping choices at the tips of consumers’ fingers. Whether they choose to shop online, offline, locally or internationally, Wishpond brings all your product information to them in such a way that makes them visible, accessible and convenient to purchase.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Get right down to bringing your campaigns to your target market. E-commerce need not be complicated. Publishers, brands and merchants are immediately able to put up promos, offers, campaigns, contests, sweepstakes and the like in as little as 10 minutes.

Wishpond has created several applications and APIs that malls, brands, retailers and local search companies can use. With these, campaigns can be created which are more product-centric for the shoppers.With Social Promotions, for example, a blogger could put a widget on his blog, pre-populated so that a product search will point right away to merchants near the consumer who carry the product. Or brands can embed a widget so that consumers can easily search through all the inventory in their lines as well as which local merchants have these products. These widgets can be embedded not just on websites but also tied in with compatible social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, iGoogle, LinkedIn, and Ning.

Other Wishpond tools enable Discovery/Engagement. Social Store lets Wishpond import all your products into your very own store. Social Buttons act like referrals. When a site user clicks on a product link, it generates a referral story which is posted on their Facebook profile and shows up in their friends’ news feeds. There’s even a Pinterest Tab which lets you showcase your Pinterest boards and pins on your website.

But more than that, Wishpond provides you with Social Analytics. With the right analytic tools, you can create a demographic profiling of your customers and their interests, group them into segments, and send leads to targeted segments.

Try Wishpond for 30 days free. After that, you can continue for a very reasonable price per month. The ease with which you can launch promos and contests on the fly,  the ability to make your campaigns targeted and the social analytics you get from Wishpond’s tools will be more than worth it for both you and the shopping public.