Decades ago, no one would have ever believed that one can 'smoke' an electronic device. But, many people are not aware of the fact that in America during 1963, a certain Herbert A. Gilbert had patented what he called 'a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette' that like the new electronic cigarettes now, replaced burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air, doing so by heating a nicotine solution and producing steam.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking tobacco products. Aside from this, there are now new models that facilitate the burning of legal herbs and oils. No longer may one expect an electronic cigarette reviews to show models from the best brands that look like a traditional cigarette. The new electronic cigarette are typically are larger, thicker, and longer, with tanks and there are some newer models that look like walkie talkies. There's also the e-hookah that brings to the vaping world the romance of Arabian Nights.

Electronic cigarettes are the way to enjoy a variety of flavors. These vapor produced can taste like fruits, desserts, beverages, and may be even similar to the favorite cigarette brands such as Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Camel, and more.

The world of vapor is like smoking but with a difference such as the flavor choices and what one inhales which is free of the known harmful ingredients of tobacco product.

Our world has changed by leaps and bounds in many things, even tobacco products. From the old rolled up cigarettes without filter, large cigars that can fill the air in a room with it's smell with one puff, and the beautiful pipes, and the hookah pipes of the Middle East, to cigarettes with filters, from regular to ultra lights, and the ones that have the changing from tobacco to menthol option, there is now the world of vapor of electronic cigarettes.

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