The Electric SnuggieFirst came the Slanket blanket, then the Snuggie and now the electric snuggie, the perfect fit electric blanket. The Coz-e electric snuggie is just like any blanket with sleeves but with one major difference, you can plug it in to turn it into a small electric blanket. If you are looking for cheap electric blankets, this might be the right one.

Interestingly enough, the original Slanket Blanket with sleeves has been duplicated one more time but with a technological upgrade turning it into an electric snuggie. The makers of the Coz-e electric snuggie is not the same as the now popular Snuggie wearable blanket - don't be mislead by the inclusion of the word 'snuggie' in it’s name. This perfect fit electric blanket is made from the polyester fleece, just like the Slanket Blanket and the Snuggie, though the Coz-e electric snuggie only comes in the color blue while the thick blankets with sleeves have a wide range of prints and solid colors to choose from.

The main hassle of using this electric snuggie is that you can't wander around in it because for it to work as an electric blanket, it has to be plugged in. That means you either have to take it off or unplug the electric snuggie so you can walk around and have to carry the cord with you wherever you may go which might be rather inconvenient. Maybe the next kind of electric snuggie that will be invented can operate without being plugged.

Slanket BlanketAt 68 dollars, this is one of the cheap electric blankets and is ideal to lounge around in. Most people opt to use Slanket or Snuggie to save on their heating bill. The electric snuggie would definitely add to your power consumption but might be the small electric blanket that  some people need to keep extra warm during the winter season though when it comes to cost, a blanket with sleeves will surely save you more money as it much cheaper than the electric snuggie and you don't consume any electricity at all.