Moon DoughIt’s quite a claim to make but the newest kind of kids play dough is better than almost all the others since the Moon Dough never dries out. It’s soft and lightweight enough that even toddlers can carry a big ball of the Moon Dough with ease. Hypoallergenic, this kids play dough is not sticky at all making it easy to clean for there will be no mess. Since it holds it’s shape, the Moon Dough won’t crumble and break apart, making it possible to keep on display the work of art the child will create.

Most kids are tired of playing with some toys and would rather just do something else like watch TV all day long and it’s hard to find good toys that will actually keep your kids attention longer than a few days. Fortunately, the Moon Dough is the perfect toy that allows them to use their imagination and it has the tools to expand it further to create endless forms with this dough for kids.

Moon DoughWhen you order the Moon Dough it won’t just be the dough for kids, included in the set is the kids play dough, the molds, and dough shaping and safe cutting tools. They can make a barn full of animals and all they have to do is get some dough, place it in the mould that makes Moon Dough hay, and then put inside the barn house, and by just turning the level, the finished item will come out. It’s easy and makes more that one kind of design. It is possible to make a whole barn with fences and animals.

A child can play for hours with their new Moon Dough set. They can make all kinds of things like their own ice cream sundae or pizzas and have a party with their friends. The Moon Dough comes in eight great colors and is the perfect gift for a child especially this Christmas or you just wanna give them something that they will learn from while having fun. When their friends come over, this dough for kids might be one of the first things they play with and it can be a way for the entire family to spend quality time together while playing with this kids play dough. The Moon Dough can make a child’s artistic talent develop by using this kids play dough and they can make whatever they desire.

Want to see more about the latest kids play dough? Watch the Moon Dough commercial video.