Magic JackThe extremely popular Magic Jack is a USB device that one can put a telephone line into to make pc to telephone internet calls. The Magic Jack is hooked up to any standard telephone and provides you with any number of local as well as long distance internet calls making use of their voice over ip service. The Magic Jack also known as a magic phone. Since I didn't own a telephone, I purchased a telephone unit to connect to the Magic Jack USB device. I've been looking forward to buying this amazing magic phone ever since I first learned about it. Once I eventually decided to order a Magic Jack on-line, the site mentioned it might take fifteen days or possibly even longer before it gets delivered, however I received my magic phone in only a few days.

When you initially plug in the Magic Jack into your pc, the particular set up software program of this voice over ip service appears that takes only a minute to include your information and after that you can choose your own personal contact number. Following the initial set up, all you need to do is plug in magic phone like an ordinary USB to your computer to start making internet calls to any land line in the US.

I thought I needed a regular phone to use Magic Jack voice over ip service however - this isn't the case. You may make internet calls with the Magic Jack making use of your computer mic together with audio system or perhaps head set. I should have plugged the magic phone USB directly into the pc and I could have ended up saving around twenty bucks by not getting a telephone unit. My computer head set is working perfectly while using the voice over ip service my new magic phone provides.

Yet another neat thing is that the Magic Jack sends me email messages anytime I receive a brand new voice mail message that is certainly an advantage in case you are at the workplace. It's also possible to call in to check on the voice mail and also to e-mailed the voice mail as a .wav file.

I've been using a different voice over ip service for quite a while as I then believed it was the best voip service. I actually obtained my very own contact number with Skype to use instead of my personal residential telephone. Perhaps the biggest issue was once i contacted people by using Skype, the number shown in their caller ID ended up being an anonymous telephone number rather than my personal phone number. This kind of caller ID concern isn't going to occur with a Magic Jack voice over ip service.

Despite the fact that I haven't experienced any kind of issues with my Magic Jack internet calls, I'd personally not advise obtaining this magic phone to exchange with your primary phone. Even so, this is actually the best voice over ip service in the event that you currently have some sort of mobile phone and don't make use of your highly-priced residential telephone very much. Magic Jack's voice over ip service is just fifty dollars for one year and you get one of the best voip service which includes unlimited local and long distance, the option to choose your own phone number, voice mail, caller ID plus call waiting. The magic phone offers you a fantastic deal for their voice over ip service and you may test the Magic Jack for 30 days for free.

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