BusyHaving a reliable internet connection directly impacts the production of a busy life. There are so many applications out there available on any web enhanced device that will allow your day to run smoothly and more efficient. Staying connected means staying informed on whats out there to help you.

Starting your day with a daily weather update is a simple application easily added to any smart phone or desktop widget. Even a quick glance into the weather can lighten your mood for the entire day. Just from a few numbers you will be able to plan ahead for your daily commute conditions and help you dress for success, making sure your prepared if the weather takes a dive. When your on the go being prepared can make all the difference.

A simple shopping trip can turn to chaos if you don’t have access to the necessary tools you need. Technology is really taking a huge step with web-enhanced devices that keep you connected. The new wave of smart phones with internet connection can help you go green, and save you some green! Most large retail stores have coupon email lists and more and more we are seeing online coupons available right on their websites. You don’t even have to feel guilty since you can save on you impulse shopping items too, with a simple barcode scanner phone application. The barcode scanner app uses your phones camera feature to scan any barcode and show you other price listings at different stores for that same item. Then from there, a mapping application and GPS feature will guide you to your next destination.

My personal favorite application is Goggles (free, for Android phones) and Layar (free, for Android and Apple devices), are like space-age glasses. You can point your smartphone in any direction and using the camera viewer, it will reveal information about what it sees. This app works wonders for traveling, and seeking information on a local landmarks. Layar is free, and most of the layers within the app are free but there are a few special ones that can be purchased. The Walt Disney World and Disneyland layers are priced at $2, but will easily help you navigate the company’s theme parks using your GPS system.

stay_connectedEven when at home you can find tools to help your busy life. Sitting down at the computer and being able to send out virtual party invites with the touch of a button is a great convenience that will also help you go green. With social networking sites its easy to pick out your friends to send the invites to, and having your whole friends list there will ensure that you don’t forget anyone. Also, you can easily post your thank you notes and photos of that evening to share them with your friends who might have some to upload too.

Another great convenience is being able to shop at home. You can compare prices right from your computer to make sure your getting the best deals and read real life reviews before making your purchase decisions. Honest opinions are a great thing to have so don’t forget to post your own as well, connecting and communicating with real people is a wonderful way to stay informed. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is a survival need to everyone. Making sure that your up to date on the recent food recalls and illness outbreaks via email alerts, RSS feeds, or a mobile app. Whatever it is you need to fit your lifestyle, there is an app for it!

Making sure that you are always on top of your game and have the necessary tools right at your fingertips is just a matter of being informed and staying connected. Ask around and find out whats works for other people. The next time your at a social event, use your space-aged goggles and read the tweets of those around you. You can find helpful information and never be left out of the loop when it comes to whats going on around you, the must see sites, or the important news flash of the day. Wisdom is accumulated knowledge that gets passed on, so stay connected and be informed.