Many of us search electronic cigarette reviews and wonder what the benefits of these are. As we visit the various e cigarette stores, the notable facts are shown, such as:

- No smelly smoke, ash, tar, or flame
- Gets rid of this cause of bad breath
- Is cheaper that buying traditional cigarettes
- May be used in many places where smoking is banned
- Does not contain tobacco with known harmful elements
- Has the option of non-nicotine intake
- A wide choice of flavors

Despite the fact that The American Association of Public Health Physicians recommend electronic cigarettes as "a harm reduction method for those who have failed to quit by other means" and see it as "similar to other nicotine replacement therapy".

Yet, despite all these facts, there are many government agencies like the World Health Organization that has not endorsed electronic cigarettes for lack of concrete evidence. Though there have been studies conducted, these are not sufficient to accept electronic cigarettes as a smoke cessation aid nor is there a list of the benefits.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes are clear to the thousands of people worldwide who have stated in various reviews and testimonies that these have worked to help them stop smoking or reduce their use of tobacco products.

Electronic cigarettes are said to be safer than traditional cigarettes.

Though there is still a lot of studies that have to be made and documentation to be done, the choice right now to make the switch to electronic cigarettes is a personal one.

If you or a loved one want to stop smoking, and has tried many various ways to quit, or may have never even tried to kick the habit, knowing the electronic cigarette benefits, it might be the right time to make a studied decision.