Here are the electronic cigarette advantages that may help you make a studied decision about using these. We all know the disadvantages of smoking as we are bombarded with information. Most of us may have an idea of what the electronic cigarette advantages are since we have observed and maybe even tested these, read the reviews, seen the ads, but there is still hesitation to make the switch.

What often niggles us is the element of the doubt as what exactly are e cigarettes about? The first time we lit up our first cigarette was out of curiosity and maybe because of peer pressure. We might have hated the taste at first, got a bit dizzy, but then, the nicotine craving had begun, and up to today, we light up stick after stick after stick.

Many of us are not that curious about these devices yet it does deserve deeper investigation such as knowing what the electronic cigarette advantages are. One may wonder, who may have a fulfilling smoke with something that is not the real thing. Using an electronic cigarette is like wearing a wig or having sex with a toy! Could it be possible that these alternative cigarettes will indeed offer satisfaction and are better for us?

Many of us have been smoking for more years than we dare count. Many of us are not proud of our smoking habit, though we cling to it as it has become part of our routine. We refuse to listen to anyone, be it the doctor or our relatives. The stop smoking reading material has been shoved aside - but most of us did try, and try, and try again and again to quit.

Here are four electronic cigarette advantages:

Cost savings. It's easy to create a comparative chart about the savings obtained by making the switch to e cigarettes. If you don't want to go trough the trouble, you may use the savings calculator found in this electronic cigarette reviews featured website.

In style. Cool and sleek designs are what you can expect, sometimes crystal tipped e cigs, and colors to match your mood or outfit. One may get to change skins, battery colors, and so much more like add accessories such as lanyards, bracelets, clutch bags, and things like rechargeable cases.

Flavor choices. Tobacco products are limited to two basic flavors which are tobacco and menthol. The electronic cigarette advantage is totally with thousands of flavors that range from desserts to alcoholic beverages. And, if that isn't enough to satisfy your palette with non-fattening flavor burst sensations, there are e liquid flavors DIY kits.

Smokeless alternative. Another electronic cigarette advantage is that it may be used like a back up plan in case you go to a place where smoking is banned or run out of cigarettes.

Do you need to know more than 4 electronic cigarette advantages?

Does the fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco need to be mentioned at all? How about that it prevents one from getting temporary bad breath because the "smoke" is practically odorless?

When we hesitate, it's because something is holding us back. What is holding many of us back from using electronic cigarettes, despite knowing the advantages, it maybe because we cling to what is familiar, the nicotine addiction has set in, and the taste of our favorite brand what we are craving for.

If we don't try using electronic cigarettes, we will never know that the nicotine hit may be satisfactory, that one can gradually lower nicotine intake to get rid of the dependence, and enjoy the luxury of having a wide variety of flavor choice in peace as finally, no one is going to nag us to stop smoking.