E Cig reviews for 2012. Find detailed info with individual e cig reviews that sometimes include videos. Best electronic cigarette brands featured, advantages explained, and e cigarette coupons and discounts are to be found by reading the various e cig reviews.

E Cig Information and Reviews

What is an e cig?

An e cig, also known as e cigarette, electronic cigarette, electric cigarette, and smokeless cigarette is a device that mimics tobacco cigarettes. E cigs reviews also call these nicotine delivery devices and alternative cigarettes.


There are different types of e cigs that seek to imitate the smoking sensation and the feel of tobacco products. There are the e cigarette, the e pipe, and the e cigar. An e pipe and e cigar typically replicates the actual tobacco product, while an e cig has a variety of types, styles, and designs.

E Cig Reviews: Operation

There are two types of electronic cigarettes which are manual and automatic. The automatic ones are activated by taking puffing on these in the same way one would smoke a traditional cigarette. The manual type has a button on the 'filter' part that is to be pressed down to activate the process.

The basics on how an e cigarette works is that it has a power source which is the battery, the e liquid that holds the flavor and the nicotine level of choice, and the atomizer that turns the e liquid into water vapor when the e cig is activated by taking a puff or pushing a button.

E Cig Reviews: Appearance

Electronic cigarettes vary in the way they look as you will discover while reading the various e cig reviews. Some are very similar to a traditional cigarette with short, standard, and long lengths. Other e cig reviews feature the ones that also appear like traditional cigarettes but come in many colors such as black, pink, blue, silver, may have a patterned design, and might even be encrusted with crystals.

These kinds of e cigarettes typically have a LED light at the end. The most common color is orange. There are some electronic cigarette brands reviews which feature products that have violet, blue, pink, and more LED light colors.

The newer e cig reviews have amazing devices. After years of product development and research, the models that have come out in 2012 have performance levels like never before. If you are interested in the model featured below, read the Revolver e cig review.

E Cig Reviews

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

The main reason why these smokeless cigarettes change in appearance are for the user to be able to enjoy fuller and longer drags, larger 'smoke clouds', and long-lasting batteries as you will discover by studying the various best brands of e cig reviews.

Newer models of the best electronic cigarette brands as seen in the different reviews also have more consistent delivery. Though a number of the latest models require a bit more preparation that the simple cartridge and battery type, these nicotine delivery devices are getting rave e cig reviews.

E Cig Reviews

There are a lot of e cig reviews online that have the information you are looking for yet finding reviews with testimonies are an invaluable aid to making a studied decision. The e cigs reviews with feedback are the more reliable reviews. Learn more about the various brands of electronic cigarettes by reading the e cig reviews.