Child GPS Tracking Device - Amber AlertAmber Alert child GPS tracking device might help save a kid's life. One of the most desperate situations a parent or guardian might encounter when taking care of child is the little tyke getting lost and it can be averted by using child locator devices. Even a simple situation like them getting disappearing in the grocery can be harrowing moments as the search for a lost child is conducted aisle after aisle. There are ways to make it easier to find a child like them wearing a balloon tied around their wrist and bright colored clothing but short of putting them on a kid's leash, there is a urgent need for reliable child locator devices such as Amber Alert.

The Amber Alert is a child GPS tracking device that gives a parent more peace of mind. Children do get lost and sometimes, the reason why they disappear is because the child is in grave danger. Child GPS tracking devices are quite popular these days but there are a few features that Amber Alert has that makes it a superior product. This child GPS tracking devices has similar features to that which government agencies use on people who are under house arrest by placing certain type of locator device around their ankle.

The Amber Alert will inform the guardian of the child if the kid has left the preset boundaries. When and if the kid does, the child's location will be mapped out. It enables a little kid to press a button to ask for help and these are sent as instant text messages to a cell phone. The latest Amber Alert child GPS tracking device has upgraded features such as the ability to locate a child via APP and computer, live tracking, 2-way voice, predator alert and a longer life battery.

Amber Alert GPS Armor
Locate via APP & Computer
Live Tracking via APP & Computer
2-Way Voice
Predator Alert
Extended BatterAPP & ComputerLive Tracking via APP & Computer

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