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Electronic cigarettes have had a lot of controversial news since they became popular over three years ago. Some facts may have been biased, since the first studies by the FDA on electronic cigarettes were on samples from only two companies, both of which came from imported suppliers.

In a more recent report by, Michael Siegel, from Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) reviewed 16 laboratory studies. The studies involved the components in electronic cigarette liquid and vapor; and found that carcinogen levels in electronic cigarettes are up to 1,000 times LOWER than in tobacco cigarettes.

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The FDA's report seemed a little biased when they compared the electronic cigarette to a nicotine inhaler, as opposed to a traditional cigarette.

Shawn from Zee Cigs says:

[The recent negative FDA report showcasing a cartridge with less than 1% of DEG (Diethylene glycol) was manufactured in China and not the U.S.A.. The reason for the presence of DEG is due to the extraction process of nicotine. Tobacco is normally dried using DEG which explains the (less than 1%) product being found in one of 18 cartridges being tested. A valid question would be the amount of DEG found in a tobacco cigarette.] Read More

“Taking these products off the market would force thousands of users to return to cigarette smoking,” Siegel said. “Why would the FDA and the anti-smoking groups want to take an action that is going to seriously harm the public’s health? The only ones who would be protected by a ban on e-cigarettes are the tobacco companies, as these new products represent the first real threat to their profits in decades.”

The best advice from those that use electronic cigarettes is know your supplier, there are plenty of E Cigarette suppliers that are devoted to the quality of your Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid. Make sure that a bad buying experience does NOT ruin your purchase of electronic cigarettes.

SOME electronic cigarette devices made in China are not up to standards, but that shouldn't mean that they ALL are unsafe. The real concern should be that the ingredients within the E-Juice is monitored and does not come from a country with a long past of quality and safety issues regarding manufacturing of products.

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