More than just a stuffed animal... It’s the amazing, incredible Pillow Pets!

It’s always nice for children to have nice, soft, and cute toys that they can bring to bed with them without getting hurt. The Pillow Pets are soft, stuffed animals that can be a companion for your children to sleep with. They are cute little stuffed animals and transform in to a fluffy sleeping pillow for the child by opening a simple hook and loop.

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There are so many choices - the friendly but Cowardly Lion, the purple Magical Unicorn, the big Splashy Whale, the stripped Tiger, the sweet Lovable Lamb, the blue and Squeaky Dolphin, the pink Wiggly Piggy, the fat and Cozy Cow, and cute Snugly Puppy and so many more! These children’s pillows are something that both boys and girls will love for many years. It’s easy to make it into a pillow and back to a toy again, and you will love the way the child will be thrilled when you give them their new Pillow Pets.

A child will love playing, hugging, and sleeping with their adorable Pillow Pets. These children's pillows are ideal to be brought along for road trips or for when they get sleepy in the airplane. It might be difficulty trying to figure out what kind of toy is fun, cuddly and soft, and one that can be used a kid everyday - and you will discover that these children’s pillow might be the best ever presents a child can get.

The Pillow Pets come in over two dozen choices and is hard for them and even you to just pick one. These Pillow Pets are a great sleeping aid so bedtime will become a better experience for them. These children’s pillows are one of the hottest selling items this and are considered as one of the best stuffed animals. Why not give a child good quality toys and sleeping aids like these Pillow Pets?