Here is a great list of some stocking stuffers for Christmas from the Top As Seen on TV Products of the year. We all have see the TV offers, now read the reviews! With all the commotion of the Holiday Season why not get the stocking stuffers out of the way so you can focus on more important things.

Grotto’s On Fire Fireball - incorporates the very latest in automatic fire prevention
Touch N Bond – Multi Purpose Adhesive
Liquid Leather Repair - repair holes, rips, tears and burns in minutes
Slim Money Clip - holds money, cards, receipts and whatever other papers you may need on hand

Etanro Jewelry - truly unique personalized grain of rice inside jewelry
DALES Diamond Store - who doesn’t like diamonds
Roll A Lotion - long-handled applicator for of lotions or body scrubs to get where you cant reach
Custom Snuggie - great for a cozy night in personalized fleece blanket with sleeves

Younger Children
Glow in the Dark Bendaroos - even more fun than the original Bendaroos
Sprayza Airbrush System - creative color blending air brush paint sprayer
Fuzzoodles – fuzzy twisty toys can easily create imaginative creatures
Puppy Popper Popcorn Maker - encourages your kids to a simple healthy snacks
Snuggie For Kids - custom size for kids comfort fleece blanket with sleeves

Teenage Children
Mini Wall Climber RC Car - a remote control car you wont trip over
A Christmas Story Souvenir Gift - everyone remembers this classic move
Fractiles - fun magnet shapes with a 3d color effect
Bump Its - easy full and gorgeous hair in seconds
Bama Bands Glow in the Dark Monkeys - Bama Bands now with arms, legs, and curled tail
EZ Combs - multifunctional hair clip to achieve dozens of different hairstyles

Grandma and Grandpa
Grotto’s On Fire Fireball - automatic fire prevention
Adagio Teas - great for cold winter nights
Perfect Switch - handy remote light switch
Prayer Cross - fashionable prayer cross
A Christmas Story Souvenir Gift - for classic movie lovers

Mans Best Friend
Dog-e-Minder - for the attention that they need
Shampaw Dog Washer - massaging bath brush for easy washing
PediPaw - painless quick nail trimming
Pet Snuggies - great for dog walking in cooler climates