Bed BugsIt's been declared an epidemic and the bed bugs extermination efforts are being budgeted to as high as $500,000 for one building. On Sept 19, 2010, the flagship store of Nike was temporarily closed because of the bed bug infestation. Bed bugs extermination is also being done to the Empire State Building and Time Warner Center, not to mention the other bed bug infested New York buildings in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. The lack of adequate bed bug pest control has made many offices and residential building unlivable and people are getting worried and bitten. The DDT bed bugs extermination product is banned and there have been findings that bed bugs have developed a resistance to DDT, so this toxic chemical can no longer be used in bed bugs extermination.

There is a new bed bugs extermination device which is the BedBug Out. It works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves that will affect the system of a bed bug and they will no longer be able to reproduce. Unlike other bed bugs extermination products, the BedBug Out is safe and has no chemical, it is simply plugged into a wall socket and can provide 24-7 bed bug pest control. When it is plugged in, this bed bugs exterminator will stop the female bed bug from laying eggs.

Bed bugs in mattressA female bed bug lays 300 eggs a batch and in her life time, which is around one year, she will have 3 to 4 batches. This means that one female will have at least 900 bed bug babies! The way BedBug Out gives you effective bed bug pest control is by dealing with the multiplication of these awful biting creatures by stopping the new batch of bed bugs from ever being born.

Professional bed bug pest control is very expensive and right now with an epidemic going on there are a few things that you can do to get rid of bed bugs. You can inspect every area where the bed bugs hide aside from the bed like sofas and curtains, vacuum these area, wash the infested fabrics in hot water, and plug in a bed bugs extermination device. BedBug Out will be able to give you bed bug pest control within 2 short weeks and prevent bed bugs from coming back.

The BedBug Out is one of the latest ultrasonic devices to be invented and it was specifically created as a bed bugs extermination device. The acoustic sound waves emitted by these products vibrate and the reproductive system of a bed bug will be affected, making them no longer function normally and place a stop to the next generation of bed bugs who might have acquired more immunity to the other bed bugs extermination products. Just one BedBug Out device is enough to protect an average sized room and will is one of the safest bed bug pest control methods.

Bed bugs elimination device - BedBug OutIf you have a bed bug problem, you cannot wait until it is too late. A pair of bed bugs will become nearly a thousand in a year and those that were born will continue to breed more. Nip the future epidemic in the bud, stop the infestation by using these methods and use BedBug Out, the effective bed bugs extermination device.

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