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Electronic cigarettes have been classified as a nicotine delivery device. Technically speaking, this term is not totally correct when one takes into account the fact that the e-liquids, the content of ecigs that turn into vapor, which contain no nicotine. […]

The year was 2003. The place, Beijing, China. The man, Hok Lik, a pharmacist, 52 years of age, had lost his father to lung cancer. Hok Lik was also a smoker. This must have been the reason why the company […]

Decades ago, no one would have ever believed that one can ‘smoke’ an electronic device. But, many people are not aware of the fact that in America during 1963, a certain Herbert A. Gilbert had patented what he called ‘a […]

In line with the anti-smoking campaign in the UK, there will be new tobacco laws enforced. When this happens, according to the BBC News website, “Electronic cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016”. The Medicines […]

Many of us search electronic cigarette reviews and wonder what the benefits of these are. As we visit the various e cigarette stores, the notable facts are shown, such as: – No smelly smoke, ash, tar, or flame – Gets […]

Here are the electronic cigarette advantages that may help you make a studied decision about using these. We all know the disadvantages of smoking as we are bombarded with information. Most of us may have an idea of what the […]

E Cig reviews for 2012. Find detailed info with individual e cig reviews that sometimes include videos. Best electronic cigarette brands featured, advantages explained, and e cigarette coupons and discounts are to be found by reading the various e cig […]

If, even for just for a fleeting moment, a smoker has desired to quit using cigarettes, pipes, or cigars, the nicotine craving might be too great to stop cold turkey, though many have done so. The other stop smoking aids […]

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If you’re looking for layouts that will transform your Facebook profile from zero to hero, then go for the PageRage Facebook Layouts. Now everyone has a chance to personalize their Facebook profile using the best Pagerage Facebook layouts available – […]

First came the Slanket blanket, then the Snuggie and now the electric snuggie, the perfect fit electric blanket. The Coz-e electric snuggie is just like any blanket with sleeves but with one major difference, you can plug it in to […]

More than just a stuffed animal… It’s the amazing, incredible Pillow Pets! It’s always nice for children to have nice, soft, and cute toys that they can bring to bed with them without getting hurt. The Pillow Pets are soft, […]