Wiper WizardAre you tired of not being able to see every time it rains because your wiper blades cause streaks? Since wiper blades aren’t something that you use everyday, the fact that they are getting past their prime tends to slip peoples minds until it’s too late and they really need them. With Wiper Wizard, you’ll never have to worry about your wiper blades again.

Wiper Wizard makes older windshield wiper blades like new again, quickly and easily. In seconds you’ll be able to take your old wiper blades and make them. You don’t even have to fuss and fumble trying to take your old and poorly functioning blades off of your car, the Wiper Wizard slides right onto pretty much any wiper blade and with just a few quick and simple slides back and forth, your old blades will function like new again.

Damaged windshield wiper blades can be very dangerous, old blades can cause streaks or only partially clean your windshield during a storm which can really inhibit your visibility and drastically increase your chances of an accident. Having properly functioning wiper blades is an absolute necessity if you want to stay safe on the road. If you are out already and a storm starts and you realize that your wiper blades aren’t quite what they should be, you can literally have them back up to par in seconds with the Wiper Wizard.

The Wiper Wizard stores easily in your trunk, it’s even small enough to fit right into your glove compartment for the ultimate in convenience. Don’t get stuck out on the road with bad wipers ever again – get Wiper Wizard and stay safe regardless of the age of your wipers or the severity of the weather.

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