Total View Car MirrorDo you often experience problems seeing what is behind you when you drive your car? Most side mirrors, despite their designs, still have blind spots which can be risky since you may not be able to see all cars behind or overtaking you. As a driver, you always want to ensure your complete driving safety as well as those of your passengers.  Whether it is changing lanes, overtaking a car, backing up, or turning into a street, you will always want to see everything behind you in order to avoid any untoward incident. Then check out Total View Car Mirror, a complementary mirror that gives you a wider field of vision that will give you the driving confidence you always want to have.

Total View Car Mirror is an additional mirror which you attach to your existing left and right side mirrors. Its concave design allows you a much wider view of cars behind you. With both Total View Car Mirrors combined, you have a 360-degree view of traffic. It virtually increases your field of vision, eliminating blind spots that could cause unwanted accidents. See everything from cars, balls, bikes, pets, anything that could be behind you. Change lanes with confidence. Back out of your garage knowing you have full view of what's behind. Park in very tight spaces confidently knowing you see all angles. Total View Car Mirror is so easy to apply: position, press, adjust for optimum visibility. 3M's adhesive lasts long and is durable so you have no worries about it coming off. Total View Car Mirror fits any make or model of car too.

With your order, you get two Total View Car Mirrors plus a rearview mirror. You'll also have the chance to order the Total View HD Sunglasses that cut glare and enhance clarity while you are driving. Just pay its postage and handling.

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