e vehiclesTraveling is getting more and more expensive, the bigger your vehicle and the farther you have to drive to the office, the more money you spend. The cost of gasoline keeps going up and the only way to effectively combat that is to select a completely different variety of vehicle to travel with. Small Planet E Vehicles has an incredible selection of bikes, scooters and even cars and trucks that are less dependent or completely independent from fossil fuels.

Small Planet E Vehicles are environmentally friendly, fun to ride, stylish and just a cooler and more convenient way of travelling than the gas guzzlers that most people are accustomed to. In many cases, using an electric bike or scooter will actually get you to your destination much more quickly or conveniently than a gas powered automobile – there will be less waiting in traffic, no worry about stopping for gas and no parallel parking.

If you live in a congested city where your office and the stores you frequent are close to your home you could save thousand of dollars a year and an immeasurable amount of frustration by trading in your car and travelling by electric bike or scooter. Cut down on actual travel costs and the need for maintenance and upkeep and be able to feel good about your mode of transportation with a quick, quiet and convenient electric ride from Small Planet E Vehicles.

No more stopping and waiting in line for gas and no more sick feeling when they announce another gas price increase, no more paying for parking and no more stress about traffic – Small Planet E Vehicles will completely change how you feel about travelling.

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