RideTight is a seatbelt accessory that makes buckling up better. With this RideTight review, discover the only way to adjust seatbelts for custom fit and why RideTight is an essential for all drivers and passengers.

Adaptive Seatbelt Positioners

Wearing a seatbelt is a must for safety. The main reason why people don't want to wear these is because it constricts them. The tough shoulder strap slides to the touch the neck and whenever one moves, it digs into the skin.

If one is travelling for a long period of time, the shoulder strap becomes a source of irritation and the tendency is, one will keep on moving it with their hand to another position, just for it to slide back and hit the neck again.

Seatbelts, which like the wheel, have never been reinvented. The discomfort comes from a number of factors like the width of the strap, the material it is made out of, and the angle created by the belt that goes up the shoulder and across the lap which make it dig into the neck.

In this RideTight review's video, you will clearly see why it makes buckling up better.

Crash tested, RideTight provides seatbelt safety because it helps it to have a snug fit while reducing the seatbelt's shoulder strap from sliding to be a pain in the neck because the angle created by snapping the belt buckle is corrected. RideTight help makes the lap belt low and have a better fit.

The only way to customize a seatbelt is with RideTight.

If a number of people drive the same vehicle, RideTight may be adjusted for the seatbelt to fit the person according to their comfort level.

RideTight is requires no tools to install. It will only take a couple of minutes to slip in and secure it.

It does not affect the ease of buckling up and releasing the seatbelt at all while enhancing the driver's and passenger's safety and comfort level.

Would you like to have more comfort while driving or travelling in a vehicle?

Before, the only way to stop the strap from digging into a neck was moving it with the hand!

Now, there is a better way to do it and it helps one become safer.

RideTight Review's Rating: 5 Stars

The sealbelt has had the same design for years.

Only now has there been an invention that is not bulky like those furry or cushioned seatbelt accessories that help prevent the strap from touching the neck by widening it and adding padding.

For people who drive, the bother of wearing a seatbelt needs to be ignored because it is against the law to travel without one. Yet, because of the discomfort, many break the law and don't wear their seatbelt if they are going to travel a very short distance. Sometimes, the only thing that makes them wear a seatbelt is to stop warning sound or light that says the seatbelt is not on.

This new car accessory is a must for everyone. And for only $10, you can get 2 RideTights for the price of one with this review's Buy One - Take One limited time offer.

Never again let the shoulder strap of a seatbelt be a pain in the neck when you use RideTight.