Porta JumpDead battery can be quite an annoying and frustrating situation which tends to happen when you least expect it. In this process you always lose a lot of precious time sitting by the car and figuring out what to do or waiting for someone to come and rescue you. All these problems are now history thanks to a special product called Porta Jump which is a battery booster specially designed to get you back on the road in no time.

Easy to use, this great product offers you the possibility of recharging your car’s battery without opening the hood or leaving the inside of your vehicle. By simply connecting the Porta Jump to the cigarette lighter in your car you will get started in no time as this recharger delivers sufficient energy to reestablish the necessary electrical power for your engine to start. Moreover, Porta Jump doesn’t have to be recharged periodically and if not used it can last fully charged up to 5 years. Why waste money on products that become useless after just one use when you can get the new Porta Jump and along with it the guarantee that you will not sit by the side of the road wondering which cable must be connected to which battery end.

Porta Jump allows you to be in complete control whenever dead battery stands in your way of getting in time to a certain place, by always being ready to be used regardless the situation you’re in. Not to mention that thanks to the charge unit you are given when purchasing the Porta Jump your battery booster will recharge itself automatically every time.

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