pops a dentGetting dents out of your car has never been easier, faster, or cheaper than using the new Pops-a-Dent. This do-it-yourself dent remover will save you hundreds of dollar in body repair and give you the fix you need immediately. Pops-a-Dent can get rid of dents on the hood, door, fender, trunk and practically any part of the vehicle that has a minor dent. It won't damage the paint of the car and will get rid of the unsightly dent in just a few minutes.

Here is how it works. All you have to do is to press the adhesive disk onto the deepest part, which is usually found at the center of the dent, lower and secure the special pulling bridge into the pole of the adhesive disk, attached and turn the handle, and the dent will pop out, bringing back the surface of the car to the way it was before. Pops-a-Dent is nearly the only thing that you will need to remove the minor dents from your car. It works on nearly every make and model that exists, and what you will have is the secret equipment of professional body repair shops.

pops a dent kitThe old way to remove dents from a car was to either hammer it from the inside. Another way cover and dents up is to with putty, even out the putty, allow it to dry, sand it, and repaint the section of this car. This is a time-consuming process and what is worse, will lower the value of your car. Oftentimes, cars have special paint jobs and it would take an expert to mix the exact same color to repaint the damaged section. If there is a mistake in mixing the paint, the color of the car will not be even. As the dent repair process is being done, you may have to wait for at least a couple of days to a week to get your car back from the shop.

Experts who buy used cars usually go knocking around the entire body of the car. They do this to detect if any part of the car has been puttied over, and will listen to the sound of the knock. If the sound is not hollow, they will know for sure that the car has been subjected into an accident. That will lower your resale value immediately and you know very well that any dent that is seen in a car for sale will reduce the selling price.

When you get Pops-a-Dent set, it will include 3 dent removal stems that can be used for the different dent sizes, a professional glue gun and with glue sticks, the patent-pending arched bridge design knockdown tool and the turning handle. It will also come with complete and detailed instructions on how to use the dent removal kit. There will be no messy clean-up after you get rid of your car dent in 3 easy steps. Your new Pops-a-Dent will do the task for you and nobody will ever know that there was a dent in the car after you use the Pops-a-Dent.

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