Mechanics ArmorWorking as a mechanic can be exciting and rewarding, but when the shift ends so does the fun. Your hands can take a real beating working under the hood of a car; grease, oil, gasoline and antifreeze are just some of the things that can stain and damage your skin making after work clean up a painstakingly difficult task.

It’s not just the clean up, those chemicals are abrasive and damaging to skin causing cracks, splits and rashes. It’s not practical for mechanics to wear gloves while working, but with Mechanic’s Armor your hands will be protected as if you were wearing gloves.

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Mechanic’s Armor is a revolutionary skin care product that is applied prior to performing any work, which completely protects your hands from the harmful effects of abrasive chemicals that mechanics come in contact with every day. This non-toxic, non-greasy gel forms an impenetrable barrier against the grease grime and grit that mechanics are forced to come in contact with – it will keep your skin healthy and it makes clean up a breeze at the end of the day.

Though this wonder gel was designed with mechanics in mind, it works for anyone who’s career or hobby subjects them to grease, grime or dirt. Landscapers, painters, outdoorsmen, contractors or anyone else whose environment is less than sparkling clean will benefit from the protective powers of Mechanic’s Armor.

Protecting your hands has never been easier, one application prior to beginning your messy job and a re-application after every hand washing is all it takes to keep your skin protected, healthy and super easy to clean – if you work or partake in any activities where there is any kind of filth or abrasive chemical, you need Mechanic’s Armor in your tool box.

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