icarkit-comJust about everyone has an iPod these days; they are among the most versatile and high quality media players available. Your iPod has countless hours of your favorite music stored on it already, why wouldn’t you want to have access to that in your car if you could? With iCarKits.com you can seamlessly synchronize your iPod and your car to give you the ultimate listening experience no matter where you go.

iCarKits.com offers you the opportunity to play HD quality sound from your iPod directly through your factory installed stereo. A quick and simple search of the vehicle manufacturer list on iCarKits.com leads you to the exact adapter that you’ll need to integrate your iPod with your car and begin to safely and easily enjoy all of your favorite playlists as your drive.

Installation of the adaptor takes only minutes and all of the power is supplied from a single cord that can easily be tucked away out of site for a completely clean and professional look. You’ll be able to scroll through tracks, explore different playlists and even listen to downloaded podcasts through your car stereo with the use of the stereo controls themselves or with steering wheel mounted controls for even safer operation.

The experts at iCarKits.com will help you find the exact adaptor for your integration regardless what model of car or what model of iPod you have – there is no guessing and really no chance for error. Your adaptor will be on its way to you in no time and within a few minutes of receiving it you’ll have access to your whole, mammoth library of incredible music stored on your iPod right in your car.

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