Ever wonder where the Government Car Auctions cheap automobiles came from? The shocking truth is revealed in this auction site review. Discover why one can get their car seized even if they have not done anything wrong!

Government Car Auctions
Asset Forfeiture

You might be aware of the fact that many criminal's properties are seized. Illegally obtained assets such as houses owned by proven drug dealers and cars used for bank robberies are held on by the police. The law that enables the police to do so is called "Criminal Asset Forfeiture".

There is another law that many people don't know and that the police can seize a person's car or any other property without them having to be proven guilty of any crime. This is called "Civil Asset Forfeiture" and this is enforced in 38 states.

An example of how this can happen is when money is found inside a person's car. The money may have the smell of marijuana or have traces of cocaine. The car will be seized. But, there are many other instances that the car may be seized such as if it is used for illegal hunting, for owing taxes, being a suspected drug dealer, and drunk driving.

These cars are placed up for bid at Government Car Auctions.

Government Car Auctions: Foreclosed Assets

Included in the vehicles that are auctioned off by the government are foreclosed ones. These units were held on to and recovered because of failure to pay the off the loan. We all know that foreclosures provide us with great bargains.

Government Car Auctions
Cheapest Cars

Among all these 3, the cheapest cars would be the ones up for bid at Government Car Auctions are seized by asset forfeiture. That's because foreclosed assets come with a liability that has to be paid off to the loan facility to recover their money.

Automobiles seized by asset forfeiture are free of any obligations. The ones obtained by civil asset forfeiture are the ones that have no proven use in any criminal activity.

Government Car Auctions
Search for Seized Autos

The search for cars is done by state. The details include the make and model of the car and where the auction will be held. The information sometimes includes a photo of the unit. There are military cars, trucks, and cars. Sometimes, items are auction off as a fleet.

If you are interested in getting a cheap car or even a boat, or many other items such as laptops, bikes, phones, houses, and more, it's a good idea to look at the ones up for bid at Government Car Auctions.