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Discount Tires is the world’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer. You can find well-known tire brands on their site such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Kumho, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Hankook, and Falken. Discount Tires also gives you choices from its exclusive brands such as Silver Edition and Roadhugger. You can also buy wheels like Enkei, Konig, Liquidmetal, TSW, Akuza and exclusive brands including MB Wheels and G-games. Not only does allow you to order tires and wheels of any brand and size, its Info Center section provides you with a whole list of tire information for both the drivers with a little or a lot of tire. The order, checkout and installation process is very simple to follow. Discount Tires has hundreds of stores throughout mainland USA to choose from. Each of these stores is capable of serving your order and installing your tires so they fit your car perfectly. Just indicate the store nearest you, bring your car over at the appointed day and time, and they will install the tires for you. Discount Tires stores can process your credit card so you don’t have to disclose this information online. They accept cash, personal checks and debit cards besides credit cards.

Every wheel or tire you buy from Discount Tires is sure to fit perfectly. If you had your car modified by lifting or lowering, just inform their salesperson and they will make sure the tires you get fit your car’s modified state.

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