Battery BrainHate it when you’re suddenly stranded because for some unknown reason, your car’s battery has suddenly run out of juice? Do you get easily aggravated when you have to spend so much time and money for your car-related expenditures? Want to find away to extend the life of your car’s battery? Yes, reduce your car-related problems with the new Battery Brain.

A product invented by Smart Energy Solutions, the Battery Brain is an electronic accessory that attempts to solve the problems that people face when it comes to their batteries, things like slow discharge, unexplained drain and an abnormally short lifetime. These things that make you wonder if you need to replace your battery or if you’ve just recently charged it. With the Battery Brain, you can ensure that your battery always has enough juice to start and get you going on your trip, or for those cars that might not get driven around for weeks or months at a time, you can prevent your batteries from short-circuiting or dying. Not only does the Battery Brain help keep your battery in check, but it also takes a lot of the hassle out of battery maintenance, like routinely disconnecting batteries and the like. And, it only takes around 15 minutes to install the device unto your car batteries, so you don’t spend precious hours upon precious hours trying to find a way to get it working.

Included with the Battery Brain are handheld remotes that allow you to reset it if it disconnects, or which you can use to force a battery to disconnect in case of theft. It also includes a module to help you figure out how to use the Battery Brain, a bypass terminal, and all hardware you’ll need for any vehicle installation. With the Battery Brain, you’ll definitely save money, time and effort, and you’ll be able to protect your car from unwanted visitors who try to steal it away, and you will also be able to protect yourself from the embarrassment of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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