AutoSport Trash SackIt sometimes seems as if no matter how much you try to keep your car clean it just can't be done, especially if you have children. You will end up with trash on the floorboard of your car sooner than you know. That's why you want to make sure that you have a way to dispose of the trash in your car that is easy and convenient for everyone. The AutoSport Trash Sack is a great way for you to help keep the inside of your car clean and free from trash.

The AutoSport Trash Sack fits nicely to the back of your cars seat, it is situated where it is out of the way so that your passengers won't trip over it when they are entering and exiting your vehicle. It is up high enough so that it doesn't interfere with your passengers leg room. The AutoSport Trash Sack has a nice look to it and it looks more like an accessory in your car than it looks like a trash sack. You will also be happy to learn that this trash sack is leak proof so you won't have to worry about liquids leaking out of it and getting in your car.

The AutoSport Trash Sack can also be attached to the floor of your car with Velcro if you choose. It has a drawstring closure and a flap which conceals the trash neatly inside of the sack. You can purchase the AutoSport Trash Sack in either stone or black so that you can choose a color which goes good with your cars interior colors. When you want to keep your car clean in a way that is easy so that everyone will help, you will want to make sure that you buy this great trash sack for your car.

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