autopitchShopping for a car online can take forever – even if you’ve got a good idea of the make and model that you are after you might have to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of different options to find the one that is right for you. understands the inherent flaws in shopping for a car online and has instituted a completely new approach that takes all of the hassle out of the arduous process. lets you place an ad for the exact car that you are looking for, then it’s up to the dealers to come to you with vehicles that you might be interested in. With there is no more endless scrolling through cars that almost, but not quite, meet your needs; there is no searching, no hunting and no disappointment because the dealers approach you with cars that fit your parameters.

At you are only looking at the car that you want, you tell what year, make and model of car that you are looking for and they bring the dealers to you. For once, you aren’t fighting other potential buyers for a car that you want; different dealers that want your business are competing over you. has found a way to take what used to be a long, painful and often disappointing process and turn it into something that couldn’t be easier. If you want to find the exact car that you want, quickly and easily and with absolutely no hassle, head on over to and get started.

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