ZX4 ShaverIf you think a shaver is a shaver is a shaver, think again. All shavers shave off hair. But not all do it as close to the skin as possible. Some shavers are very effective for the first several shaves but over time, the blades become dull and do not trim off hair as effectively as it used to. Take a look at the Bell and Howell ZX4 Shaver.

The secret of the ZX4 Shaver is in its stainless steel screens as well as the blades in its four floating heads that ensure you get a precise shave every time. The floating heads allow your shaver to reach all those usual hard-to-reach areas, working around the contour of your face, without risking nicking your skin. The blades touch only the hair, always protecting your skin. The shaver comes with a rechargeable battery so this is great to bring around when you travel. Not only that. The battery charge lasts up to a full 7 days so you could be on a business trip for several days without worrying about recharging.  It even has a built-in charge indicator that reminds you when to charge. The ZX4 Shaver works with or without the cord. If you don't want to bring the cord with you, just pop in one AA battery and you're good to go. The ZX4 Shaver has a full width pop-up trimmer which is just perfect for those sideburns, moustaches and beards.

With your order, you get a travel pouch, cleaning brush, protective razor cap and A/C adapter. Because it is such a great shaver, you will not hesitate to buy an extra one for a friend who is sure to appreciate this practical and powerful gift.

Order the ZX4 Shaver HERE.