You can spot a wonderful meat dish when you can taste the juices as you take huge bites off it. For you to make such a delectable dish, you need to marinade the uncooked meats prior to cooking. But a well-marinated dish requires time. You would usually let your meats soak in marinade sauce overnight or for several hours, turning it over and over so that the marinade covers all areas and has time to be absorbed into the meat. But what happens when you have impromptu guests and you do not have the time to wait for the meats to soak in the marinade? For times like these, turn to the Zoom Flavor Marinator for instant marinating action that adds flavor to the food.

Zoom Flavor Marinator is the first instant vacuum marinator and flavor injector as its makers call it. Simply add marinade to its top cylinder and put your meat in the lower chamber. When you push down on the Zoom Flavor Marinator, its 50 flavor pins come down on the meat, injecting the insides with the flavorful marinade while tenderizing the meat from the inside out. A vacuum handle that comes free with your order can be used to pump out the air inside the container. Zoom creates a vacuum which opens the pores of the meat, thus marinating the food from the outside in and allowing the flavor to penetrate deep inside. When you order the Zoom Flavor Marinator, you also get two storage containers that you can use to vacuum seal food so it stays fresh longer as well as Chef Tony’s Secret Marinade Recipes.

Use the Zoom Flavor Marinator not only on meats. You can likewise experiment marinating chicken, fish, fruits and even vegetables. Get one now. It comes with a 30-day full product refund guarantee.

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