Who doesn’t love sticky notes? They’re just so practical to write on and stick anywhere. But sticky notes can be wasteful if you have the wrong size. Sometimes, you want to just write a short note like “Open this”; at other times, you need to write a fairly long message. Do you find yourself ending up having to buy sticky notes in different sizes for such situations like this? Well, Zip Notes not only provides you with sticky notes but you control just how short or long you want them.

Zip Notes is an innovation to the sticky notes you commonly see in bookstores that come in different shapes and sizes – squares, rectanges (large and small), label sizes. Imagine how much you need to spend to stock up on sticky notes of different sizes for different uses. Zip Notes will save you all that cost. It is a full 150 feet of sticky notes in a continuous roll inside a Zip Notes dispenser. That is equivalent to 600 3x3” sticky notes! And it’s even more cost-effective! Do you want only a sliver of Zip Notes just to mark your place on a book or leave a tab on a corner? Press down on the dispenser button quickly to let out only an inch of Zip Notes and tear this off with the jagged cutter above it. Another great feature is that the adhesive, unlike in ordinary sticky notes that run along the entire top of the note, now runs along the entire center of the roll. This innovation prevents notes from curling and falling as it is held from top to bottom, regardless of how short or long your note is. Use them in school, your office or your home. Give Zip Notes away as gifts to your family and friends. They’re sure to fall in love with these practical idea. And you control the amount of sticky notes you can get out of one Zip Notes dispenser by adjusting the length to your needs.

With your order of Zip Notes, you also get a Royal Sheffield Deluxe Pen Set, just perfect to use with Zip Notes. That’s 6 pens in a set: a banker’s roller ball, Mount Helen fountain pen, 3-in-1 tricolor pen, mini checkbook pen, mechanical drawing pencil, and a ladies designer ball point. With Zip Notes, you don’t need those other sticky notes anymore.

Order Zip Notes from www.getmyzipnotes.com