Yoshi Blade I got an expensive kitchen knife a while back, and I love it, but now it's getting pretty old and sharpening it is just a pain. That’s why I decided to get the Yoshiblade ceramic knife, no sharpening needed!

I saw an ad for the Yoshi Blade that that made it look really cool. It was made of some high-pressure molded ceramic material -- it sounds so futuristic! The commercial said that only a diamond was harder than the ceramics in the knife. What caught me more than anything, however, was that fact that it was a no rust knife. I have a tendency to leave my dishes sitting in the sink sometimes, and my nice knife would start getting rust spots after a couple days. Ugh! And, of course, that meant that I would have to scrape off the rust while I was re-sharpening it.

Watch The Yoshibade Commercial Video As Seen On T.V

After I ordered it, I mentioned it to a friend who works at a restaurant. He actually told me his whole restaurant was getting ceramic cutlery because it was super sharp, but also didn’t leave a taste on the food like freshly sharpened knives can. That was reason enough for me to get a Yoshiblade, but I had already gotten one, hehe. Though he said each knife was about $300, my $20 Yoshi Blade was looking better and better!

When it came, I could see why ceramic knives were so sought after!

The first thing I did was peel a tomato like they do in all the commercials. I felt like a pro chef or something, I made a tomato skin flower like they do in all the infomercials! I knew it would be sharp, but it was amazing what the blade could do. I use it for everything now. The knife also came with a really handy ceramic peeler. I just threw my old, rusty peeler in the trash -- how satisfying!

I thought I was just getting another knife when I went to buy the Yoshiblade, but it's definitely the only knife I'll use from now on. The friend that works at a restaurant came over and said it was identical to his $300 knives. Super sharp, super durable and long lasting.

Go check it out, buy Yoshi Blade and hopefully never sharpen a knife or smoosh your bread again!