I really like to have a clean car, cleaning my car is another story. But the Windshield Wonder has really made it a breeze -- at least to clean my windows.

I'm sure you know how annoying it is to clean the inside of your windshield or your back window. Every time I try I end up either pulling a muscle or falling on the center console, and no matter what I nearly work up a sweat while using a paper towel. And even after all that annoying work, there are streaks and smudges galore. I almost have to clean my windshield over again after cleaning it.

I saw the Windshield Wonder on a late at night infomercial not too long ago, and it looked like it would really make things easier on. The As Seen on TV windshield cleaner claimed to make car detailing a breeze.

I wondered immediately why it hadn’t been created before. Even I had tried to clean my windows with a rag on a stick -- I should have invented this thing years ago!! There was no way I could pass it up, so I found a spot online and ordered it right away.

Watch the Windshield Wonder Commercial Video

By the time it came, my windows were all smudged. My friends seem to hit the window every time they point at something. So when the sun shines just wrong, all I can see out of my dirty windshield is grease spots, which is far from safe for me or pedestrians.

I tried it right away. All it took was a little water and the microfiber pad at the end of the "magic" wand cleaned off all the spots on my windshield. I used it on my back window too, which always gets some weird residue during the winter. I think it's from the defroster heating up the condensation, turning it into a weird film. The handy little infomercial windshield cleaner wiped that stuff right off too.

Now I just leave my Windshield Wonder in the car for spot cleaning.

For $10 (plus whatever shipping was) I got two Windshield Wonders, which I thought was a pretty amazing deal. It even comes with a little microfiber towel for cleaning other glass. I use it on my car mirrors and my computer screen too, which also gets covered in smudges. I gave my free Windshield Wonder kit to my dad, who is insane about keeping his car clean. Even he said it was one of his favorite gifts -- I guess free is the key for 'ol dad hehe.

Check it out and buy Windshield Wonder online. It's such a simple gadget, you can't be disappointed.