Widget Light reviews

Widget Light reviewWidget Light is the hands free flashlight. The Widget Light can be hanged nearly anywhere. Free extra one with this Widget Light review! This $10 Widget Light is cool and bright.

The Widget Light can do handstands! Find out more about the fantastic light with this Widget Light review.

The Widget Light has 4 legs! These Widget Light legs are adjustable. You can wrap the Widget Light around practically anything. Use 2 legs or 4. You can secure your Widget Light easily up high or down low. Place the Widget Light wherever you need it so that it can shine and illuminate the area that you need.

The Widget Light is bright. The illuminating power of the Widget Light is stronger than most conventional flashlights. These send out clear white light beams that diffuse outwards to give you better visibility.

The Widget Light transforms. The adjustable legs can be bent. You can fold these legs underneath, you can make the flash beam go upwards. You can wrap a couple of legs around a twig or branch when you are out camping. You can make your Widget Light do a two-legged stand or even a one-hand stand!

The Widget Light is perfect for emergencies. Instead of lugging round a big heavy flashlight when it is dark and things have to be done, the Widget Light will allow you to have proper visibility and full use of both your hands.

The Widget Light does not feel hot. The special LED lights that it has are cool. Other flashlights are hot and when used for a long time the filaments burn out. The Widget Light never burns out.

With this Widget Light review, you have a special offer. Buy one Widget Light and have the option to get another Widget Light for free - just pay for the shipping and handling fees.

Make sure to ready next time there is an emergency because the Widget Light requires no electricity. Use a flashlight without holding it when you own your new Widget Light from this review. Widget Light are not just for emergencies, they can be used whenever you need extra light!

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Widget Light reviews