I love coffee and soda, but I also love to have a bright smile. I used to get whitening done by the dentist, but that got to be way to expensive.

But no matter what everyone loves a bright smile, that's what led me to sign up for the Whitening Now Free Trial and even after the two-week trial I can tell my smile is a little brighter.

I always get the teeth whitening toothpaste at the grocery store, but either I drink way too much coffee or they don’t work very well. I tried those teeth whitening strips a few times, but those were so annoying to use, and once I got them to stick they made my teeth hurt!

I gave up for a while and just sipped my coffee and let my teeth turn brown -- yuck. I was up late one night and saw an ad for Whitening Now, and it looked like it worked like the dentist’s whitening system. Why not, I told myself, there was a free trial afterwards and I love free.

The key to the system is the tray to keep the high-powered whitening gel in place, then the light from the gizmo helps activate the gel. The ad promised results in 14 days, within the free trial time. It didn’t make sense to me, but their loss is my gain right?!

When the stuff arrived, I tried it out right away. I put the gel in the trays and put them in place, then put the light gizmo in place (it’s the blue thing in the picture). I have to admit I looked pretty silly, but I wasn’t going out into public or anything. Whitening now came with two strengths of solution, one stronger version that took less time and another lower strength one designed for people like me with more sensitive teeth.

I kept the stuff in my mouth for 20 minutes and it didn’t hurt at all. That made it really easy to keep up with the routine of using the teeth whitener for the whole 14 days. I took a picture of my smile with my cell phone camera before and after. (I wish I knew how to get them to the Internet) And even the with the grainy photos I could see the great before and after colors. The stuff worked really well!

I had almost the same results I’d gotten in the dentists office. Granted, the routine took two weeks instead of two sessions, but I saved over $500 with the free trial! At the end, I just packed everything back up and sent it in, whitening my teeth has never been so painless -- on my wallet and my teeth!

Sign up for the Whitening Now now and try it yourself, and if you don’t want to keep it around, just cancel and pay nothing other than the shipping cost.

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