Maybe you've seen stuff on TV for What Odor, I saw it on that show Pitchmen with Billy Mays -- which is a super cool show by the way. It's all about what goes on behind the scenes of as seen on TV products.

I got some from the official site and it has replace Febreze for me. Unlike other odor eliminators, What Odor doesn't have any scent. The deal I got came with two bottles -- one big one and a smaller travel spray bottle. I keep the big can in my living room for a quick deodorizer to get the pet smell out of my couch. I keep the travel can in my car to cover up any smell from smokers in my car.

I used to have those little plug-in air fresheners positioned around the house, now they're just sitting in a drawer! I never did like the artificial scent that they gave off anyway. To me, those scented sprays and devices only make a bad smell worse. Instead of just a fish smell, you've got fish and fake flowers permeating your house -- yuck.

Try it out, I really love What Odor. >>Buy What Odor at<< and throw your can of Febreze away.