How to upgrade any weed trimmer and make sure it's always sharp?

The Weed Thrasher attachment makes trimmers work better by eliminating the string jam problem. It includes replaceable cutters to ensure that trimming can be done neatly and quickly.

All steel head and 12 cutters

Don't let an old weed trimmer model let you down, that still can be of great service after all these years - upgrade it easily by placing the Weed Thrasher. Instead of getting rid of a string trimmer, switch the head to make it into a mean precision cutting machine.

String trimmer problems solved

Disassembling the head, re-feeding the line, placing spools… these are some of the things that may slow you down when doing the daunting, relentless, and seemingly never-ending task of trimming.

No fuss, hassle-free, it has all steel head with quick change cutters will get rid of those issues. Get to work and be done in less the time - without headaches - with the help of the Weed Thrasher. Turn your ordinary weed trimmer to a monster machine that will cut down the leaves and small twigs fast.

Great shaft length

These cutters makes easier to trim evergreen boughs and other similar plant matter with precision. A plus factor that these cutters have is that it adds to the distance between you and the debris that flies when cut. With a dozen of them included in the package, that's a whole load of extra cutters.

For precision cutting with no strings

Removable nylon pad

This helps the trimmer to glide on cemented areas like a sidewalk or driveway. It also is used to rest the trimmer.

Precision trimming without jamming

If you have been looking for the fastest and toughest trimmer, unless you have to trim more than a couple of acres, there is no need for a professional one. String trimmers are great to use but the problems that come along with it can be a pain. Make trimmers work better for you with less maintenance with the Weed Thrasher.

The Weed Thrasher set includes an all-steel head, 12 cutters, mounting hardware, and instructions. It fits most gasoline powered weed trimmers.

Trash those weeds with speed and precision. Keep the front and yard neat and cut back the grass fast.

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