What's the best way to get rid of weeds?

Use a gardening tool to pull them up from their roots. The Weed Claw tackles the task fast. No need to bend or kneel on the grass, with this long tool that attaches to any drill – target the weed, press, and spin – to remove the entire weed including all the roots.

The Weed Claw does another gardening task. It has an auger that makes it the ideal bulb drill. Create holes in the soil to plant lilies, tulips, and other kinds of plants.

Don't pull, dig, bend, or exert a lot of effort – to accomplish these gardening tasks fast - use the Weed Claw and Bulb Drill.

Conventional methods just don't work this well

The old-fashioned ways to remove weeds include mowing them, pulling them out with your hands and using herbicides that may also kill the lawn grass. Mowing the weeds will retain their roots for them to grow again. Pulling them out with your hands is a back-breaking and time consuming task.

A tool that removes weeds, digs, and aerates

Stand up and win the fight

Attach the Weed Claw to any electric drill. It facilitates removal of even large weeds with a screw-like motion while you are standing up.

Find the weed that you want to whack, point the hexagonal shaped end at the offensive weed, press start to spur on the action, and watch the weed with its entire long leaves and roots - spin onto it. It's as simple to use as spinning spaghetti onto a fork.

Use the Bulb Drill for digging and aerating

These are the other common gardening tasks that are physically demanding and take a lot of time. Now, to prepare the soil and to create holes is easy as the Bulb Drill auger will do it with a zap. Let the planting begin by using this combination tool to get the soil ready.

The Weed Claw and Bulb Drill is a double purpose tool that all gardeners will love. Tested by the Deal or Dud show, it was declared a deal.

If you want to own one or give it away, the regular price is $19.95. To save 5 dollars off the regular price, here is the link to use for ordering the Weed Claw and Bulb Drill.