This Water Clock an eco-friendly clock that doesn't need to be wound up, batteries, or electricity. Just add water to this digital wonder that has an alarm function, too. If you want a nice clock that has a new design, you have found the AsSeenOnTV Water Clock, also known as Wink.

Streamlined, available in five colors which include pink and blue, it has the style of a eye wit the clear digital display of the time in the center. Innovative, this is very decorative to place anywhere in a home or office.

Measuring 10 inches wide and 2 and 1/2 inches in height, the digital display that says the time can easily be seen from far away.

To get the Wink Water Clock to start, there is a small cover to take out so that you can place the water. There are 2 metallic plates inside it. These are parallel to each other. When the water enters and touches them - power is generated.

The Wink Water Clock is the future technology that is here today. It is made with the same principle that shall run a home one day. A green option, you may be one of the foremost to own this item that is probably the first in history of a device that runs on water available for commercial use.

When it comes to decorative items that serve a purpose, a clock is one thing that everyone needs. An alarm clock like this one would be great for a student that lives in a dormitory to ensure that they will wake up and not be late for class. The Water Clock is also good for the elderly as they won't have to replace batteries and with the digital display's visibility, they won't have a hard time telling the time.

Get the new clock of the century, the Wink Water Clock.