Watch Phone reviews

Is the Watch Phone a watch and a cell phone at the same time? You guessed it! This is the newest cell phone that tells the time. Wear the latest gadget on your wrist so you never have to forget your phone ever again and always know what time it is with this Watch Phone review.

This gadget of the year will probably make you feel like James Bond. Nobody will know your using a cell phone because it looks like a watch. You can have fun with it by dialing a number and having people listen to your conversations. With your new Watch Phone, you just strap it on your wrist and you're ready to go.

The Watch Phone works by inserting a SIM card. It's complete! You can dial numbers and receive calls because it has a built in microphone and speakers. There's also a hands free calling headset included so you don't have to lift to put your wrist near your ear. You can lock the keypad so you don't accidentally call anyone.

Now, this Watch Phone can surely perform! The talk time last for 6 hours and stand by time for up to a 120 hours. To recharge it, it comes with a USB charger.

The Watch Phone is the ultimate accessory that will help you prevent from ever dropping your phone again. One thing that you must know about this watch phone is that you can't text - it's perfect for people who love to call.

This cool gadget comes in 4 different color combinations which are black on black, brown leather with a silver face, white on white, and black leather with a silver face. This means whatever your style is, whether if your classic or fun loving, if you will wear it to office or an outing, you've got the perfect gear and accessory with your new amazing Watch Phone.

Say hello to your Watch Phone and say goodbye to your cell phone. Order yours today from this review while it is still at the introductory price! Be one of the first to own the gadget of the year and choose the Watch Phone that you want to wear and use as a phone!