Want to win at blackjack? Learn how to count cards with WACC 21 playing cards that work like flash memory cards. If you want to make more money by having a firm grasp of the odds, then you can bet all your money that counting cards is the right thing to know!

WACC 21: Card Counting Tutorial

Searching online and reading books would still require you to have a deck of 52 playing cards to work with. It takes practice to be a master at counting cards, and when the dealer flicks his wrist to show his card, the odds may be on your side by simply knowing what has been dealt.

The thing about knowing how to count cards is that when the game has been playing for quite some time, you can know if most of the high cards such as 10, Jack, Queen, and King have been played. This will enable you to make a studied decision whether you should hit or stand.

WACC 21: Prevent Getting Busted

Though it is not illegal to count cards in the casino, they HATE players who know how to do so. That's because the odds are turned in the favor of the player.

Many people get escorted out of the casino on the flimsiest reason because they write notes or their mouth moves while they are counting cards.

With blackjack, no matter how many players there are on the table, you are not competing with them - it's only the house that you have to beat.

With WACC21, counting cards will be automatic on your mind, just like a well-oiled machine.

When you know how to count cards, even the cards of the other players can be taken into consideration. Knowledge is power and the face card of the dealer might be an Ace - but you have made the proper assessment and realize that the chances of the dealer getting a high card is very low.

Earlier in the game, if your cards sum up to 16, the choice would be difficult to make. But, when half or over half of the deck has been played, you can make an intelligent guess of what cards are going to come out next and avoid getting busted.

The WACC21 counting cards tutorial kit includes:

Two (2) WACC 21 Card Decks color coded with green or blue bars

FREE Blackjack Expert Tip Cards Deck with strategies and blackjack secrets

BONUS Casino Edition Blackjack Felt for your playing table

Note that most card games have a trend or strategy. That's because it is a numbers game!  With blackjack, counting cards is the ultimate strategy that you can learn with the use of WACC21 so that you will be an expert fast.

Be it a friendly game or in Vegas, knowing how to count cards is always to your advantage.