How to perfectly slice and dice vegetables and fruits quickly?

7 different tools in one machine - without using a knife, use a food slicer that makes perfect tomato circles and more. The Vidalia Slice Wizard does these things and it that has a food holder for the veggies and fruits so you won't get cut. Forget the old slicing mandolin... bring into your kitchen the newest food slicer that does more than slicing.

Unique features

Holds the food item. This has a special holder with 6 stainless steel prongs. Secure the food and slice it all the way to the last bit. No longer do you need to hold the food with bare hands – this holder helps prevent you from being cut as you move the food up and down the slicer.

Change the insert. This food slicer has several inserts. By change these, the food can be cut in a variety of ways such as julienne, dice, fine dice, slice, and for French fries. The insert slides in and out to be ready in less than a minute.

Change the thickness. With options for thick, thin, and ultra-thin, slice the veggies and fruits according to your needs. You can make potato chips or mojos, slice apples for pies, cucumbers for salads, and turn cabbage into coleslaw. Uniform thickness and precision performance is what you can expect from a Vidalia Slice Wizard.

This slicer has a safety food holder, 7 attachments, and 3 options for thickness

Razor sharp blades. The true test of blade sharpness is how it cuts a tomato. No tear, no ragged edges, just clean cuts without bruising the food are the results of using the Vidalia Slice Wizard.

Rinse to clean. The blades are rinsed under running water to clean. This is good to know as you won't have to hold it to soap it plus it helps prevent being cut.

Efficiency and speed in food preparation

Cut down slicing time. Dice and fine dice fast. Make vegetables and fruits slices, juliennes, small cubes, and minced dice all with uniform precision with a machine that has 7 different attachments.

Speed up these time-consuming tasks and no longer use a knife or chopping board. Keep your fingers safe and get to use the entire vegetable with the 6-pronged food holder. Slicing, chopping, and dicing is made efficient with this food slicer.

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