How to chop, measure, and store vegetables, fruits, and other semi-soft food items?

The All-in-1 Vidalia Chop Wizard does these common kitchen tasks nearly simultaneously. It's a food chopper that requires no electricity, makes potatoes into French fries, a whole bowl of fruit into salad, and chops or dices without a knife quickly.

As the food is chopped, these will go into a catch basin. Tilt the Vidalia Chop Wizard to see how much you have chopped. It is simply a must-have in every kitchen or outdoor trip to save time and effort in food preparation.

Prevent knife cuts. The unique design of this food chopper has the sharp blades placed safely in the middle. Your fingers won't come in contact with the blades. Keep safe while chopping away.

All-in-1 Food Chopper

Press down and chop. By placing the food item on top of the blades – press down the lid – and it's done.

How many cutting movements does it take to chop an apple? It will take at least 2 to slice it in half plus the halves have to be faced flat side down to be sliced one more time just to quarter it. Want to dice an apple with one motion? This one-step process will surely hasten food prep time - make snacks, lunch or dinner quick. Chop, dice, and finely dice with a Vidalia Chop Wizard.

Measure while chopping. Take the guess-timate out of chopping. If you need a cup of onions, instead of moving it to a measuring cup or eye-balling it, tilt this food chopper to check if you have enough. The clear catch basin has line indicators to help you prepare exactly what you need.

Since all the food items land in this catch basin, it also lessen the number of items that need to be wash up – such as chopping board, a bowl to hold the food, a knife, and a measuring cup. No need to also wash your hands or the chopping board every time you have to prepare another food item when using this great food chopper.

Streamline the food prep process by getting an excellent kitchen tool that makes this kind of chore easy. Prepare carrots and other root crop vegetables with pressing down motion, fruits can be made into salad or filling for pies in a jiffy, no longer have tears when chopping an onion as the Vidalia Chop Wizard is here.